Peter Vander Laan


Peter has been interested in music since his early youth, his parents were musicians too, they indeed had some important influence on him, especially when it comes to classical music, musical, blues and jazz.

He started playing music a long time ago, he was very keen on progressive rock in those days (classical rock, hardrock, jazzrock), music he still likes. But he got interested into many kinds of music, like medieval and classical music, jazz, world music, experimental music, avant-garde and so on. Peter plays his instruments himself, on some other tracks on older CDs he had some guest musicians.

Peter is composing his own music, he's writing his own lyrics and still is an author of poetry, prose and stories. Go to the tab Books in this website to see these subjects. Peter is not so keen to play covers, although he could mention a lot of songs and music written by other musicians, attracting him. Moreover Peter has studied philosophy and anthropology, these sciences and books have influenced him strongly (a.o. Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Habermas and Lyotard).

Peter has been a member of the progressive rockband Morphosis.

And you can contact him. Send an e-mail to Peter van der Laan