Peter Vander Laan


In the meantime Peter has released 2 CDs.

The first one has been released in 1998, titled "Silence Before The Storm". There are 8 tracks, varying from symphonic rock to experimental music. This one has been re-released and digitalized and is now available under the name "Once Upon My Time".

His second CD has been delayed due to circumstances and has been titled "Thesymu - A Dream - The Original Movement", based on a book Peter wrote in 1990. In fact it's a big and long track, with a modern classical influence. In the future this might be released and perhaps in combination with music and a libretto about the philosophers. Of course it will be relased with another title by then.

On January 2, 2009 Peter released his newest and third CD, titled "Afterwards", six of the seven tracks are available here in the menu MEDIA. A short description about the tracks: (1) Overture Of Elegy - written for his deceased father, a modern classical piece; (2) Emotion - an electronic symphonic piece about human emotions in general; (3) The Question In Mind revised - a vocal track, acapella, with some extra sounds, sometimes with a "medieval" tone setting; (4) Come To Life - again an electronic symphonic piece, he's declamating some words himself, about being positive in life; (5) Choral Toccatale - a modern church organ piece; (6) Finale Romantica - an instrumental classical piece relating to the "gradual process or minimal music" and (7) Visit To The Earth-a story - this is a track produced for a stage production in 2008, he wrote the story himself and a friend of his and colleague-musician Peter Swart wrote the music on my request, of course he also contributed some to this music. You can also view a video in MEDIA, a live version of The Question In Mind revised.

These CDs have been published by The Magenta Label and marketed by CreateSpace and are available with them, with e.g. Amazon.